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Are you in the market for a new knife sharpener? Lansky Sharpeners is the most recognized name in knife-sharpening worldwide.

Knife Sharpener Cleveland, Ohio

Lansky is a very popular worldwide brand of knife sharpener equipment. To find a location near you, please go to our website. We are located in many different stores across the United States, from Cleveland, Ohio to Houston, Texas and everywhere between.

We continue to develop new sharpening technologies and innovations for hunting and outdoor sports, kitchen use, as well as the workshop. We are known for our hunting knife sharpeners and precision sharpening kits. Visit Our Online Store Today! to view our ever-expanding line of great sharpening products.

Having a dull knife can be frustrating. Nothing feels better than reaching for your knife and having it ready for it's encounter. Whether it’s your hunting knife, fishing knife, pocket knife or kitchen knife, you want it sharp enough to get the job done!

Wouldn't it be awful, if you pulled your kitchen knives out ready to dig into dinner only to find out that your knives are dull, and won't cut your steak that you prepared? Don't let this happen to you and your family. With the knife sharpener from Lansky, you can be prepared. Call us today for more information about our knife sharpener kits.

Lansky, serving Cleveland, Ohio, provides outdoor knife sharpeners that will be perfect for sharpening your hunting knife, and we also offer compact pocket knife sharpener equipment for your everyday carry knife. Our variety of options to put the best edge on your blade puts us a “cut” above the rest.

We Offer a Variety of Sharpening System Options!Pocket Knife Sharpener Houston, Texas

When it comes to a knife sharpener, you want to make sure you have the proper system for you knife. When you step in to Lansky Sharpeners, we will be able to fit your knife with the correct knife sharpener system. Give us a call today to find out more about our sharpening system options, including:

  • Deluxe 5-Stone System
  • Standard 3-Stone System
  • 3-Stone Standard Diamond System
  • 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System
  • Professional System
  • Universal System
  • Natural Arkansas System

The Standard 3-Stone sharpening system is designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time. All sharpening system options include a precision-engineered, multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp, sharpening hones on color-coated, finger-grooved safety holders, one guide rod for each honing stone, specially formulated honing oil, extra long knife clamp screws and a custom molded storage/carrying case to hold all sharpening system components.

Visit our online store to view out pocket knife sharpener equipment!

Ask About Our Pocket Knife Sharpener!

Sharpening System Houston, Ohio If you don’t know how to sharpen/hone a knife, or how to choose the correct system, Visit Our Online Store. We can help inform you on which sharpening system is best for what tool you’re sharpening. Have a dull axe or machete? We have the perfect stone to hone work and garden tools. We craft each of our sharpening systems and stones to be able to sharpen a variety of household tools—and to the highest quality. 

We pride ourselves on the high-quality workmanship of our products. All of our diamond stones have a full, 100% exposed surface diamond coating compared to other companies, whose diamond coating covers 10-50% of the stone’s surface. This allows you to sharpen faster with a more even edge. As with all of our high-quality products, we expect your sharpening experience to be enjoyable and easy. 

If you want to make sure you have the best knife sharpener for the job, whether you’re looking to purchase a high-quality blade or a sharpening system, make sure you Visit Our Online Store and choose a high-quality Lansky product. From Cleveland, Ohio to Houston, Texas and everywhere between, choose Lansky for all of your sharpening needs!

Not sure how to use a knife sharpener? It's easy! Simply put the knife into the clamp, assembles the hones and start sharpening. With our knife sharpener kits, you'll have your knives sharper than before! 

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Lansky Sharpeners

Lanksy Sharpeners Redesigns Its Folding Diamond Paddle and Tapered Rod
Wed May 29 08:09:00 EDT 2013

Lansky’s redesigned diamond sharpeners host a number of features that will make the sharpeners easier and safer to use....

Lansky to Release the New BowSharp™ Bowhunting Multi-Tool
Fri Apr 26 13:23:00 EDT 2013

The Lansky BowSharp™ is a multifunctional and easy-to-use tool that was designed with the serious compound and crossbow enthusiast in mind....

Choose Your Sharpener
Mon Apr 22 11:09:32 EDT 2013

Check out our new blog Post!

Choose Your Sharpener
Mon Apr 22 11:09:13 EDT 2013

Check out our new blog Post!

Lansky Sharpeners Introduces Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit (T.A.S.K).
Wed Mar 27 12:14:00 EDT 2013

Lansky Sharpeners, a world leader in innovative sharpening technology, adds another landmark to their ever expanding product line with the release of the new Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit (T.A.S.K)....

Lansky Sharpeners Releases the Newly Developed Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit
Wed Dec 19 16:15:00 EST 2012

Lansky Sharpeners, a world leader in innovative sharpening technology, adds another landmark to their ever expanding product line with the release of the new Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit (T.A.S.K)....

Battle Axe
Fri Dec 14 10:31:36 EST 2012

We had a local firefighter put the Firefighters Battle Axe to the test. After about 5 minutes of hard work with the impact tool and bit, the roof was open and ready for entry. Small in size, big in results.

Sharpen Anything
Thu Oct 11 11:30:17 EDT 2012

Last night I decided to clip my nails but my nail clippers were way too dull to handle the job. Most people would just go buy another pair, but I took out my Blademedic and used the tapered diamond rod to put a rough edge back on my clippers. Anybody else have a good story where you used your sharpening skills to solve an everyday problem?

Folding Diamond Rod Review
Wed Sep 19 14:19:16 EDT 2012

While I was surfing YouTube for some sharpening videos, I came across a great review/ instructional video on our folding diamond sharpening rod. Now there are a good amount of videos on how to use the Lansky kit and the crock stick systems but seeing how people use our smaller more portable sharpener in the field really shows how versatile and effective our different sharpeners are while on the move. Thanks usframe!!

Lansky Sharpeners Releases New Blademedic Knife Sharpener
Fri Sep 14 12:11:00 EDT 2012

Lansky Sharpeners, a leading provider of innovative knife sharpening technology in Buffalo, New York, introduces the new Blademedic Knife Sharpener. The Blademedic, which features four distinct sharpening elements, was exclusively designed to be an all inclusive sharpening tool for field repairs on every type of knife blade....

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